Pocket Hose Reviews – An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Every home needs a dependable and robust water hose that helps in cleaning, washing or watering the garden, porch or lawn. If you have been using the traditional water hoses than you must be very familiar with the hassles they pose. You have to manage a special space in your garage or basement for such unmanageable and tangle-prone accessory. Moreover, it is quite difficult to drain water and keep it dry before storing it for next use. If the traditional garden hose is not drained properly and stored inappropriately, you will wake up to the moisture and the resulting mould in your garage or basement plus that unbearable foul odor.

Looking carefully at the limitations of traditional garden hoses, pocket hoses are preferred by the gardening buffs. Here is a buying guide just for your convenience, so that while purchasing this accessory you may not go wrong. We present 8 best pocket hose reviews in short and compact form so that you make a wise and informed decision. First, we present the features to look into a perfect pocket hose and then a list of bestselling pocket hoses which qualify these criteria.

Features to look into the best pocket hose


Considering the various expandable garden hose reviews and pocket hose top brass reviews, the customers want one garden hose that manages to undertake a number of water related tasks. Look for a pocket hose that can be used for watering plants, washing your vehicles, cleaning the front porch with pressure spray, using in automobile mechanics workshop or simply direct water to your some desired location in your home.

Fit to faucet

The retractable garden hose that you have decided to buy must be the one to fit any kind of water faucet you have in your outdoors. How wasteful it would be if you get an economical pocket hose that fails to connect with the existing faucet and you have to spend much more in replacing the faucet or get some additional attachment to make it work. So, just check for those brands or products that promise a flexibility of fitting to any style or type of water source or it comes with the required attachment.

Leak Proof

This is again an important feature to consider while purchasing a garden hose. Select a pocket hose which is preferably constructed with double layers using plastic or polypropylene. This is a sure indication that the manufacturer has considered the requirement of providing a leak proof pocket hose.

Type of construction

The pocket hoses are though considered very handy, they are also not long lasting since they expand with the flow of water and contract when water drains out. This process may impact the structure of the hose and thus its life. In the technology of hose manufacturing, the dual rib is an innovation that enhances the life of pocket hoses by providing support.

Length Attainable

The length of a flexible bungee hose is a feature to be considered according to the area of the watering or washing. If you have a small lawn that spreads just a few feet around your home then a pocket hose with 20 -25 ft length after the expansion is a good option. But with bigger lawns or gardens you can select from 50 to 100 feet expandable hoses.


It has to be checked that how much space the hose needs for storage after retracting it. Most of the pocket hoses come in a small box packing and the hose contracts to this size after draining water.


The purpose of pocket hose fails if you need to put up great efforts in lifting it up and taking it to your lawn or garden. Get a pocket hose which is lightweight. It should be suitable for users of any age whether it is a young gardening enthusiast or a senior living alone in the house.

Quick and Easy retraction

Retraction process of a pocket hose must be as easy as its expansion. Do not purchase a best expanding hose if it does not say anything concrete about its retracting process. It will be quite a nuisance if it expands comfortably under pressure of water but takes a good amount of time in taking it back to its promised shrunken size.


Check for the nozzles that can be attached to the hose while watering or washing. More the number of such nozzles more the kind of washing and watering tasks you can perform from watering small plants to removing stubborn sand or soil deposits on the driveway.

Best Expandable Hoses -pocket hose reviews

Pocket Hose Dura Rib II by BulbHead – 50′


Don’t go by the compact size of this pocket hose. It is a perfect example of expandable garden hose that can also be used as a helping hand for a car wash, patio cleaning or any other outdoor activity that needs plenty and continuous flow of water. It does not expand to full 50 ft of the length promised but still it can be spread enough far to do all your routine chores.

It comes with an excellent spray head on one end that works great and can sprinkle water with an amazing spread. You can totally rely on the connector since it is leak-proof, so you can get the full pressure and complete satisfaction in your job in hand. Most of the people who have used this garden hose appreciate the way it shrinks back into a small pack that can be packed in a compact box or bag.

You can carry it anywhere you wish. If you have been using the regular hoses that are bulky to operate and heavy to carry, you will happy to own this small, compact, suitable long and handy expandable hose. The Pocket Hose Dura Rib II by BulbHead gets raving reviews by its users and a 3.9 star rating from 8 Amazon users. So, get home this much appreciated retractable garden hose to meet all your watering and gardening needs.

Pocket Hose Top Brass II, New and Improved Expandable Garden Hose by BulbHead (50″)


The next gen Pocket Hose Top Brass 2 has come with better features than the earlier one. It is three times stronger, a more reliable seal technology with tighter water seal that blocks all kind of leakages giving you pressurized water stream whenever you need it. This expanding hose is the best thing now available in the category of ultimate leak free water hoses that has been incorporated after research. It has a remarkable protection against accidental ruptures and cuts.

It may be designed to water a garden or wash outdoors of a home, but its sturdiness makes it as good as a fire hose. It is a double layered flexible bungee hose being constructed with elastomer lining. The flexibility comes from its expansion with increasing water pressure.

The connectivity of the water hose is possible with any style of the outdoor water faucet. The reason is the 3 times stronger brass connector protectors that hold the hose to the tap and lets you do your job without any hindrance or breakage. When you finish your work you can drain it with least efforts and store since it wraps up to a compact packing to be stored in a small box. This is the reason that it is protected against any holes or leaking points. A rating of 3.4 stars by 72 Amazon users speaks volumes about its reliability

Pocket Hose 7944-12 Ultra/Dura Hose, 75′


If you have a larger area to water or your driveway is quite faraway from your outdoor water faucet then get the Pocket Hose 7944-12 Ultra/Dura Hose, that expands to 75′. This pocket hose is manufactured wit dura rib technology that makes it stronger than its peers. It has superior structure due to the innovative dura rib inner tube and the amber tip.

It comes with reliable and tight sealed connectors that keep the hose fixed strongly with the tap and keep pumping water at about 30-40lbs pressure. This is a good flexible garden hose which expands to kink free and tangle proof watering and washing equipment.

This is a hassle free pocket hose that is easy to carry, easy to attaché and very lightweight. Anyone from a kid to a senior can operate it single handedly. Once drained completely its contracts to be stored in a small box only indoors. DO NOT store it outdoors to have a long term usage. Whether you want to use it at your factory, workspace or home, it sustains your trust with its leak-proof convenient operation. This expandable garden hose is liked by more than 50% buyers since the hose gets 2.9 star rating from 345 Amazon viewers.

Pocket Hose Top Brass 2, 50-Feet


Another Pocket Hose from Top Brass version II will prove to be a reliable and long lasting hose that will prove worthy for watering gardens, cleaning patios, porch, balconies, lawns and driveways and washing cars. This pocket hose top brass is made with the Accordion design so it can expand to its full length when needed. After use, you can wind it up and store it easily in the smallest space possible.  The best part is that it resists any kind of kinks or knots and so it can be used over and over again.

It is supported by the improved brass connectors to connect it easily and securely to the water tap or faucet of any kind. It Solar Stripe technology enhances its life. It has a great feature of a removable brass spray nozzle that allows you to select one from 3 settings to match your watering or washing needs.  Top brass II is a professionally advances product made from high quality brass, strong polypropylene, and heat-treated plastic that gives the perfect shape and expansion to the hose of 3/4″ diameter as you open the faucet with pressure between 35-40 lbs. you just have to take care that you don’t leave the hose outdoors or allow excessive water pressure.

This amazingly lightweight, manageable, easy to store can be termed as best expanding hose as it gets 3.8 star rating from 14 Amazon customers.

Pocket Hose Ultra/Dura by BulbHead (25 ft)


This one is a pocket friendly pocket hose for those of you who are on a tight budget for a small area and still want to have a quality expandable hose. It contains a double layer of construction supported by elastomer the most reliable material in hose construction nowadays. Pocket Hose Ultra/Dura by BulbHead is expandable to 25 feet length without any rips or slits. The hose is equipped with a solar shield that protects it from harmful UV rays so that you can enjoy your ventures in your lawn or garden for months and years. This value addition feature makes this pocket hose three times stronger than normal hoses and thus enhances the overall operational life of the hose.

It weighs very less so that you can carry the pocket hose very easily around outdoors whether in your lawn up to the flower beds near the wall or in the balcony. The hose fittings are made of durable plastic that has gone through the stringent pressure tests without any distortions in connectors and coupling. The superior quality plastic material also ensures that the connectors will remain free from rust or corrosion for a long duration of usage.

The maximum length of the pocket hose by BulbHead is 25 feet. This is one limitation that restricts it to be used within very limited spans. The reasons it is preferred over other hoses of the same genre are its strength, leak-proof and a water tight seal. This highly recommended expandable garden hose manages to get 3.6 stars by 62 Amazon customers proving its worth for many and the benefits in your household.

Pocket Hose Ultra 50ft Expandable Garden Hose Amber Tip


Pocket Hose Ultra 50ft Expandable Garden Hose Amber Tip carries a highly effective anti-UV shield that makes a big difference in the overall durability of the hose. You will forget about the leaking or wear issues once you decide to buy this greatly recommended and appreciated home accessory. The tight seal technology, robust Amber tip connectors combined with double layer construction adds additional toughness to this pocket hose.

The hose is expandable to 50 feet and is lightweight to carry around when empty. Once it is filled with water, though the hose becomes less flexible yet it is easy to maneuver around as pr your watering chores. Since the pocket hose is flexible, it is much easier to drain and pack it if compared with other models in the same category. The users have also greatly appreciated that they can coil the hose in minimum time without any hassles.

Both the ends of the hose are made from plastic material which may look cheap at first but a serious consideration shows that they are actually solid enough to withstand long term wear and tear expected in gardening and watering tasks. Considering the low price, the hose justifies the features and gets 2.8 stars from 2250 satisfied users.

Pocket Hose Telebrands Pocket Hose, 50-Feet


Weighing just over 1 pound, Telebrands offers Pocket Hose 50-Feet that is expandable to 50 feet. Its reliability and expandability are contributed to its durable rubber. Useful for both short and long distances this hose works well for washing vehicles of any kind or watering garden for longer durations of time without the fear of bursting or leaks. The Telebrands pocket hose is a rugged hose which can be testified by the fact that you can use the hose in outdoors even in hot summers or chilly winters. You can drag it over the concrete without any damage to the hose.

The hose is lightweight and you can easily hang it or store it at any convenient place available in your garage or basement. The connectors on both the ends are manufactured with plastic material but still are reliable and rugged to fit on any water faucet you have. One downside of this hose as mentioned by some users is the bursting of one end of it under heavy water pressure so you must watch carefully over the pressure created by water released by the tap. The hose has a high number of satisfied users and got 2.5 stars from 3849 Amazon users.

Pocket Hose Ultra Expandable, 3X Stronger, 75 Feet


If you are looking for a light hose that is an all weather player in the watering and washing activities then this is a hose you can trust. Unlike other curly hoses, this one from Pocket Hose does not tangle or kink while you are laying it down for the task at hand in your lawn. It can be drained of water completely in few seconds and easily stored in an accompanying small box. Whether you are using it indoors or outdoors in the garden, lawn, and porches, the Pocket Hose Ultra Expandable can be stretched to 75 feet and reaches out to do the task comfortably.

Its unique feature is its solar stripe technology that makes it highly durable and strong so that it easily manages all the ill treatment as possible in the garden or a small industrial unit. It saves you from the trouble of tangling as you can expect from the original garden hoses without retraction feature. It can comfortably bear a marginal amount of water pressure and that makes it live longer to serve you in all weathers.  A 3 star rating from 388 Amazon customers is a clear indication that most of the buyers who spent money on this hose has found it worth a try.

HOAEY 100ft Expanding Hose, Flexible Garden Expandable Water Hose with Pipe Brass Fittings for Car Garden (100 Feet )


In the category of pocket hoses, this one is a winner since it expands upto 100 feet length. HOAEY 100ft Expanding Hose is only one third of its whole length when contracts after usage. It can be termed as the lightest in weight that is a perfect choice for seniors who love to manage their household. Once it is drained and retracted it becomes easy to store. The length of the pocket hose makes it most suitable for households with large garden area, office spaces and small to medium industries.

Its superior construction and structure keep it kink-free. Once you start using this pocket hose you will simply forget the standard hose pipe you have been using for years. All you need to do is attach to a water faucet, turn on the water and allow the expandable hose will attain its complete length and reach to each corner of the house. A 12 month warranty makes it highly reliable and dependable if you face any manufacturing defects. Moreover, a 24 hour dedicated email customer support will help you with all the support if you are stuck in middle of a chore. A 3.1 star rating from 114 Amazon customers makes it the best bet for your money.

Tips to keep a pocket hose for longer duration

  • Drain the water completely after
  • Always keep the pocket hose in the box or the container provided.
  • When not being used secure the pocket hose in a shady place or indoors to prevent any damage due to heat.
  • Allow the water pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not try to pull the pocket hose to reach far location than the actual length of the pocket hose.
  • Protect the pocket hose from any accidental scratches or pricks to keep it safe from leaks.

Closing Words

So, before jumping ahead to purchase a perfect hose for your gardening or cleaning endeavors, spend some time to understand the features that differentiate an excellent pocket hose from an average pocket hose. We have mentioned and explained all the important features of an expandable hose for just your convenience and handy bargain that lasts many months to come.

We have studied all the best expandable garden hoses available online and presented pocket hose reviews so that you can compare them and take the best one matching your budget and needs. It is always advisable to explore the offline shops and online stores before sending your money. Read the reviews and feedback given by online customers like that of Amazon to know your shortlisted product in a better light. We hope that we were helpful in your wise purchase.


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